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Boost results on every step of your user journey through email sequences, SMS triggers, and messengers automations.

Maximize your business growth with autofunnels

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With a custom autofunnel, you can boost your conversion, increase LTV and improve retention of existing customers, nurture subscriber database, promote the blog and other resources, reactivate lapsed contacts, and reach other objectives!

An automated funnel is a set of laser‑focused touchpoints that include email flows, SMS triggers, messengers automations, and other channels, tailored to each particular segment of your audience and user journey stage. It helps you maximize your results on every step, 24/7, forever. 

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What is an autofunnel?

Multiply your results


Autofunnels help you get the most out of every stage through:













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Support and


You will get:

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Increased conversion

rate & LTV

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Nurtured contact


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Higher retention 

and lower churn

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Saved efforts of sales and marketing

... and multiple other objectives achieved.

How it works

With Flowra, you get a turn‑key team of skilled automation experts, designers, content writers, and email marketers, who will cover every stage of a custom autofunnel creation. 


Flowra team conduct an in‑depth audit of your sales funnel, audience segments, and available data.


Designer team work on the design system for your email templates, custom banners, and other required visuals.


We develop the strategy for your business autofunnel and confirm the approach with you before we proceed.


Automation experts complete the autofunnel setup, including email flows, SMS triggers, and other elements.


Our skilled content writers create engaging content that is tailored to every specific segment we will target. 


We continue supporting the autofunnel for 3‑6 more months, constantly testing and tailoring it for the best results.

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How it works

Our portfolio

Here at Flowra, we have the most experience working with e‑commerce, SaaS, and business services brands. 

Among other objectives, we have already helped our clients achieve:

$1M+ of annual revenue from custom autofunnels

Doubled leads from email activities

95% of communications with customers and prospects automated

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SaaS autofunnel


What clients say about us

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Let’s maximize your revenue!


One of our experts will get back to you to discuss the best custom autofunnel strategy for your business.

Thank you! One of our agents will get back to you shortly.

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  • Why do I need an autofunnel?
    An autofunnel is a set of touchpoints with different segments of your audience that helps you maximize results on every stage, 24/7, forever. With it, you can reach multiple objectives like conversions, retention, and LTV increase, shortened sales cycle, nurtured subscriber database, increased traffic to your additional resources, and others. This approach also takes a significant part of heavy lifting off your marketing team by keeping in touch with all your segments on the background, delivering tailored and better-performing communications, and automating all your evergreen content. As a result, you get a conveyor belt that generates conversions, nurtures leads, promotes your resources, and works on all the other metrics that are crucial for your unique business.
  • Will the strategy be tailored to my business?
    You will get a unique strategy that is fully adapted to your industry, business model, audience segments, lifecycle stages, data that can be collected, your technical stack, and other aspects. Flowra team will first prepare and approve the autofunnel structure with you, after which we will proceed with the implementation.
  • What is your expertise with building autofunnel?
    Our team has developed custom autofunnels for multiple businesses, including e-commerce brands, SaaS products, and a wide range of business services companies. We have already helped other clients achieve $1M+ of additional annual revenue and double their number of leads from email sequences, which is why we are sure that we can develop the top-performing approach for your unique case.
  • With what markets and industries do you work?
    We have the most expertise with e-commerce brands, SaaS products, and different kinds of business services companies on Tier 1 markets (USA, Canada, UK, EU countries). However, based on our experience, the autopipeline approach can be extremely effective for a great variety of business models. This is why, even if not sure, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss results you can achieve.
  • What is the delivery time?
    The delivery time will greatly depend on the unique parameters of your business and the number of touchpoints that have to be designed. However, our standard delivery is within 2-3 months. During this time we gather the information on your goals, current setup, audience structure, and other aspects, develop the scheme of the optimal autopipeline, create the content, designs, HTML email templates, and other materials, and finally, implement the whole autopipeline.
  • Can I request revisions?
    Definitely! During the delivery period, we will have several key stages when we will request your approval: for the autopipeline structure, for the design scheme, and for the content. You can also request changes in-between of those stages if you have any additional requirements for particular templates, texts, technical settings, or other aspects.
  • Can you help update our existing autofunnel?
    Yes, this is totally possible. In this case, we will start with exploring your current setup and creating a strategy that can boost your performance on all stages. We can then assist you with the implementation of all the missing touchpoints and updating your content and design to increase engagements.
  • What does the process look like? How can we start?
    You can first fill in the form on our website so that our experts schedule a call with you to discuss your requirements and goals. After that, we will work according to these stages: • We sign a contract and agree on the key points • Flowra team explore your pipeline structure, current setup, tech stack, and other aspects • We develop the autopipeline structure and approve it with you • Design team delivers the design scheme and custom visuals • Content team creates engaging copy for all the touchpoints • Automation experts implement the whole autopipeline • We support you for 3-6 more months, testing and tailoring all the elements for the best results
  • Do you guarantee results?
    While we cannot guarantee particular metrics like your conversion or retention rate, as we don't have control over multiple aspects such as the database sources and quality, we guarantee delivering a fully tailored autopipeline that will increase your results on every lifecycle stage. Not only it will boost your results in multiple realms, but it will also take a lot of heavy lifting and manual work off your marketing team. We have already helped other businesses get $1M+ of additional annual revenue, double their number of leads from email sequences, and reach other objectives, so we know that custom autopipelines are a very efficient approach for a great variety of businesses.
  • Do you provide other services as well?
    While custom autopipelines are our main area of expertise, we can also help you with a range of other projects including email marketing audits and consulting, running your email and SMS campaigns, producing email copy or designs, creating HTML templates, email flows and triggers setup, and other aspects. Simply book a call with us to discuss your requirements.
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